Sport has become a major showcase of a country and the safest way for a public or private organization to cultivate and unite the positive energies around a common cause. Vicom Africa, aware of how  great tool sport can be in cases of development and deployment, helps and supports many initiatives:

  • Governance marketing rights:
    We manage the development and marketing of sports rights marketing operators present in multiple universes sports (clubs, associations, events, infrastructure, media, ...) have chosen to outsource this function.

  • TV rights management:
    The sport is generating record audiences, we sell the broadcasting rights of sports operators.

  • Public Relations: 
    In connection with all major sports operators (federations, clubs), we offer a wide range of public relations services to the largest national and international sporting events.

  • Sports marketing counseling:
    Because sport is a popular field of communication but complex to understand, we develop innovative strategies and costed for the advertiser to truly emerge in becoming a player in the sports scene.