Reconcile economic imperatives and harmonious development of civil society, while promoting and perpetuating growth gains: Vicom Africa has endorsed this approach and contributes to the development of corporate social responsibility.

Vicom Africa helps you to:

  • Evaluate strategic opportunities for your business
  • Build a strategy for sustainable development in the service of your development goals
  • Identify good indicators reporting
  • Effectively deploy your project in the organization
  • Facilitate the integration of sustainable development into the corporate culture
  • Implement actions added value to stand out more

Our methods:

  • Diagnostic practices
  • Study intra-and extra-sectoral
  • Benchmarking and Best Practices
  • Regulatory monitoring, environmental and legal
  • Formalization of CSR policy
  • Offs, consultations, steering committees
  • Establishment of indicators and reporting GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)
  • Sourcing and research eco-solutions